Summer Blogging Schedule

Oh, hey guys! I currently have the blog on a “summer schedule” which means I post something once every three months. Which means once a summer. Which is about what I did last year. SORRY.

I’m still updating the shop, though. Here are a few of my favorite recent listings:

purplegrecianlavender grecian gown

orangemaxiorange backless maxi

plaidmini60s a-line mini

yellowdaydress70s yellow sundress

tigerbagtooled leather big cat bag

Right now I could write something like “I’m going to get back into regular blogging for the rest of the summer!” But let’s be real… I won’t be back for at least six weeks.

Vintage Dooney and Bourke Bags

GIVE ME ALL THE VINTAGE DOONEYS! Seriously, though. I’m obsessed. Every vintage Dooney and Bourke bag that I’ve used has worn like iron and always looked great. There’s just something about old Dooney leather… it’s completely indestructible.

If you want a precious bag that costs tons of money, can’t touch the floor, or even almost get scraped, I don’t know how to help you (and, shoot, maybe we shouldn’t be friends… that doesn’t sound very fun). BUT! If you want a take-everywhere-swing-around-toss-in-the-car-last-forever-hold-everything kind of bag, I’ve got six (SIX!!) for you:


allthedooneysClockwise from top left:

1. Navy Equestrian Bag, coming soon

2. Oval Zip Top in Tan

3. Large Navy Cavalry Trooper

4. ANOTHER Navy Equestrian

5. Small British Tan Cavalry Trooper

6. Surrey Buckle Front

All priced between 58 and 63 bucks… you should probably head to the shop to get first pick!

1000 Sales!

I sold my 1000th garment last week, and that means it’s time for a celebratory sale.


Two days left to get the goods, friends! With the sale, the average price of a genuine vintage dress in my shop is somewhere around 35 bucks, so it’s a great time to stock up. Check out everything in the shop, or go straight to the dresses!

And a very special thank you to Amanda Jean of MaeJean Vintage for being lucky number 1000. I’m so very glad that sale when to a personal friend and a kickass fellow Etsian. Plus, I’m selfishly happy that, from time to time, I’ll get to see the incredible 50s circle skirt that she purchased!

Shop Update

A few of my favorite new listings that have hit the shop recently:

IMG_5648Bonnie Cashin blue knit dress, S/M

IMG_564990s waist tie blouse, M

IMG_565090s body con maxi dress, S/M

IMG_564270s sheer ribbon dress, S/M

IMG_563750s lace overlay dress, M/L

IMG_563450s pleated paisley dress, L/XL

IMG_563190s strapless sundress, S/M

IMG_562480s playsuit, sold

IMG_548080s nautical bathing suit, L/XL

I’ve been sitting at 999 sales for over 24 hours now. It’s driving me a little bonkers, so if you see something you like, snap it up, so this girl can have a celebratory beverage. I don’t care if it is only 9am.


I spend an alarming amount of time viewing and reading Retronaut. It’s a total productivity drain, but I love it, and I just can’t stay away. Here are a few of my favorites:

Photo of a “Time Traveler”


This one sucks me in every single time. More info here.

Wooden Bathing Suits, 1929


Because I have three sisters, I have a weakness for old photos of four girls, and I look for them everywhere. Lots more photos and an explanation of the suits here.

Before and After Corsets, 1940

beforeandafterAh, the power of undergarments. Also, I’m going to start saying “Yipes” whenever possible. Tons of before and after photos here.

The Cliff House

Cliff-HouseIsn’t it stunning? BUT, it has a tragic ending, so don’t scroll all the way down if you don’t want to get sad. More here.

1940s and 50s Circus Girls

Birthday-flowers-1941The shoes, the clothes, the colors, even the lettering on the train cars in the background. Thirteen more photos here.

Now go waste some time over there. You’re welcome.


Three Very Vintage Outfits

All pieces are in the shop! Except for that cute lace crop top which JUST sold.

70soutfitearrings   /   dress   /   shoes

80s outfitskirt   /   earrings   /   shoes

naturaloutfitskirt   /   top   /   earrings   /    bag

If you’re a fan of tooled leather, you should definitely check out that bag; it’s one of the coolest I’ve found.